I'm big on healing; being whole is important to me.
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The journey that I took to become whole felt painful, frustrating and
During this time I learned a lot about myself including what I TRULY liked, disliked and what I was afraid of. I recognized my limits, the things I was willing to take and what was an absolute--oh hell no!

I realized that the majority of people go through life carrying pain and either never address it or address it mildly, leaving them in a constant state of limbo and discontent. That pain leads to resentment and bitterness. I was a young woman well on my way down this path, when the Gods intervened on my behalf. Why? I do not yet know, I’m still trying to unlock that piece. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I am chosen. A fact I’ve known to be true since I was about seven.

The journey that I took to become whole felt painful, frustrating and

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You’re probably wondering, what is “SevenThirtyOne?” Seven hundred and thirty-one is the number of days it took me to heal. 731 days to become whole. 731 days to forgive myself, others and fight for my peace. It was INTENSE.

I was inspired to share my story after sharing pieces of my healing process with a friend. She asked a simple question, “How did you heal?” –It was a question that I could not answer. Her question resonated with me for a while and I realized I needed to document my process. I started to dig, reflect, research and learn about the process of healing and why so many people struggle with becoming whole.

I invite you all to take this journey with me, share your stories, use the tools to go through your own journey of healing. As I write this I become emotional largely because I understand how difficult healing can be, but I PROMISE if you can push through the pain, the peace that lies on the other side of your pain is liberating.

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